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Sesame Motor, always at the heart of machinery

Sesame Motor Corporation is a motor and gear reducer manufacturer based in Taiwan. Founded in 1990, Sesame Motor believes in the importance of motors and gear reducers - that they are the beating hearts in all machinery. That is why Sesame Motor has remained fully committed to developing motor and gear reducer innovations as well as growing its manufacturing operations over the past 28 years.

Sesame Motor creates smart factory and manufacturing power transmission solutions with world class manufacturing machinery. The company is a world class manufacturer capable of providing clients in the automation and robotic industries with worldwide services.

Advanced robotics is the key technology in smart manufacturing. One of the major components of robot driving modules is the servo gearhead. Sesame Motor's comprehensive line of exceptional quality precision servo gearheads are widely adopted in the global robotics and automation industries.

The company's servo gearheads are ideal for use in power transmission between shafts that require high speed and dynamic motion control, such as robotics. As one of the top brands in Taiwan’s precision engineering industry, Sesame Motor is a listed supplier for more than 100 companies in the Taiwan robotics industry supply chain.

The compact and one-piece housing design of Sesame Motor's servo gearheads ensures the highest stability and high torsional rigidity at the same time. The planetary gear carrier and output shaft are also one-piece constructed to reach the largest reverse rigid and high radial load capacity. Lubricated for life with IP65 sealing, Sesame Motor's servo gearheads can help ensure operations remain virtually maintenance-free under normal operating conditions for 20,000 hours. A full lineup of models are provided with input speeds up to 10,000 rpm and the best backlash less than 1 arc-minute. A wide range of motor adapters are available for installation to virtually all servo motors. All the performance plus precision gear design and gear processing come together to achieve smooth running servo gear reducers with low backlash, low noise, high efficiency, and long service life.

Sesame Motor believes in a continued focus to provide stable and reliable power transmission components by world class manufacturing and testing facilities, as well as improving processes and production capacity to ensure customer satisfaction and priority service. As an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified company, Sesame Motor can also ensure clients will receive CE, CCC and UL certified products. The Sesame Motor sales network has been expanded to over 40 countries, including a subsidiary established in Shanghai to offer instant after service, and as well as global service coverage for America, Europe and the Middle East.

Source: Sesame Motor Co.
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