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TMTS 2018 Lighting up the city of Smart Machinery - Taichung

  Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS), hosted by Taiwan Machine Tool and Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA), is held biennially and this year it will be held on a large scale in Taichung High Speed Rail Zone from November 7th to November 11th, 2018.

        The motto of this year’s exhibition is “Manufacture Linking • Activate the Future". The smartification of machine tools links the industry to global smart manufacturing trends, enhances the competitiveness of end customers, and taps the capabilities of Taiwan’s smart manufacturing in an effort to provide buyers with complete solutions.

         The global manufacturing industry is gradually putting intelligent factors in the overall manufacturing process, thereby enabling the manufacturing system (including the single enterprise and the whole supply chain) to choose the proper and efficient methods to complete the work or to adequately handle unexpected situations at the right time. In addition to changing the manufacturing system and product manufacturing process, the move will result in the development of new mechanical systems and related hardware/software required for the new manufacturing system (intelligent manufacturing), especially the level of intelligence of production equipment (such as CNC machine for metal processing) will become an important indicator for global equipment suppliers to enhance the competitiveness of their products. Therefore, major machine equipment makers all over the world make use of it to develop product technologies, in cooperation with the upgrade of end-users’ manufacturing process to create clients' competitiveness, further allowing machine equipment makers to maintain the competitiveness required to satisfy their clients.

         Taiwan's machine tool manufacturers use their solid information and communication technology (ICT), coupled with mobile devices such as smart phones/tablets, to provide smart functions such as remote management and monitoring to end users. Also, various industrial sectors (such as: aviation, automobiles, textiles, printed circuit boards and plumbing hardware industries ) can store, process, and analyze sensor data collected from factory machines or equipment through the cloud system (National IIoT PaaS - NIP), and further provide service designs that will act for smart solutions in the market. At the same time, Taiwan's machine tool suppliers have made use of smart technologies to enhance environmental protection and energy-saving functions so that their products can meet the standards and requirements of environmental protection in the international manufacturing industry. Therefore, Taiwan machine tool industry has not only spared no efforts to solidify the precision and reliability of the machines, but also dedicated to implementing smart functions to enhance their clients' competitiveness as global manufacturing system is moving toward intelligence.

         The machine tool industry has the largest output value in Taiwan’s machinery sector, consisting of a complete value chain system, which includes: R&D, component processing and manufacturing, and even assembly, testing, sales, and after-sales service. Occupying a global market share of 5 to 6%, Taiwan is the seventh largest machine tool producer in the world. Taiwan's machine tool sales are export-oriented with a share of 79%, making it the fifth largest exporter of machine tools in the world. In addition to meeting the production needs of the domestic market, Taiwan's machine tool makers also supply to the world's major machine tool manufacturing customers (such as those from China, United States, Japan and India), of which Taiwan has become the third largest exporter of ball screw in the world. Marketing globally and providing service to international clients are the characteristics of Taiwan machine tool and accessory industry.

         Compared with other competitors, Taiwan's machine tool products have the competitive edge of price–performance ratio. Their application scopes include the manufacturing of automobiles, motorcycles, aerospace, rail transportation, 3C products, molds and various mechanical accessories. Hence, they have significant influence in the international market.

         Meanwhile, Taiwan machine tool industry has a history of providing machines with smart functions (such as temperature rise compensation, collision avoidance, and process optimization), automated production cells applied for "Integrated machine tools and automation facility (such as robotic arm)", and production lines to the auto industry in Mainland China. Therefore, Taiwan's machine tool makers are indispensable partners to those in the fields of metal processing, manufacturing, and machinery equipment manufacturers worldwide due to its rich experience in metal processing/manufacturing technology and international service.

         In retrospect of the TMTS 2016, the number of exhibitors was 738 (including 658 domestic and 80 overseas companies). Among them, there were exhibitors from 14 foreign countries, including: Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, The Netherlands, France, the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China (including Hong Kong), Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia, etc. The number of exhibit booths was 4,002, and the exhibition area was 78,000 square meters with the number of visitors reaching 81,487.

         An estimated 750 companies will participate in this year’s show, which will utilize 4,300 booths, occupying a total area of 91,000 square meters. Both the number of exhibitors and number of booths will break the record. The scale of the exhibition is larger than that of the previous show. It is estimated that 85,000 buyers from domestic and overseas markets will visit this year, making it the largest machine tool show in Taiwan this year.

         This year’s TMTS will call on the leading brands of Taiwan machine tool and accessory builders’ industry to demonstrate Taiwan's comprehensive and diversified industrial supply chains, such as: metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, machine tool accessories, components, parts, fluid power, CNC and drive system & auxiliary equipment, cutting tools, tool-holding & work-holding devices, measurement instruments, smart manufacturing system, industrial robot, CAD/CAM, software, etc., which will fully represent the supply chain of Taiwan machine tool industry to all participants.

         Under the trend of Industry 4.0, global industries are moving toward smart manufacturing and applications. For instance, big data, the Internet of Things, and automated peripheral equipment have also been innovated in the hope of increasing production efficiency, product quality, and reducing costs. As a key role of manufacturing, machine tools have to follow this trend in order to grasp huge business opportunities.

         Besides enriching exhibition items, in order to assist our enterprises to expand overseas business, as well as to seek cooperation opportunities with foreign companies, we will hold purchasing conferences during the 2018TMTS and invite international buyers and exhibitors to conduct face-to-face matchmaking meetings, which is the quickest and best way for exhibitors to meet buyers' needs, and is a significant platform to expand business opportunities and interactions, and to further grasp the market pulse.

         Taiwan machine tool and accessory manufacturers are ready to show their latest technology and products, as well as to present the best choices and solutions to domestic and overseas buyers. We invite you to participate in TMTS 2018, lighting up the city of Smart Machinery - Taichung.



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