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Ubiquitous AI at COMPUTEX 2018

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to develop rapidly, smart applications are growing presence in multiple fields. According to “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018”, a report released by Gartner, the first three trends explore how AI and machine learning will permeate every aspect of human life. In the coming years, most applications and services on smart devices will include AI features to various degrees. Moreover, IoT connectivity will drive new intelligent designs, such as autonomous vehicles, electronic healthcare services, and robotics, which will engage more naturally with human beings and the surrounding environment.

For smart homes, AI features will play a crucial role for brands to differentiate their products in the future, allowing smart devices to learn, plan and solve problems in our daily lives. For example, users can use smartphones to start their rice cookers 20 minutes before arriving home. Smartphones can detect snores and initiate wristbands to help users adopt healthier sleeping positions. At COMPUTEX 2018, leading solution providers EDIMAX, ECS and SYSCOM, to name just a few, will demonstrate latest IoT applications. ASUS’ AI-powered ZenFone 5 will also likely garner much attention during the exhibit.

In addition, the security and surveillance industry is another field that AI applications show great potentials. Empowered by AI, traditional security services can now shift their focus to data analytics and applications. The Polish company Cryptomage, for example, utilizes AI computing and machine learning to detect client traffic and prevent virus or hacking in real time. Thunder, the US-headquartered company, has launched a DNS product that harnesses the power of AI algorithm to identify and isolate unknown virus threats, and break through legacy limitations.

For the medical industry, AI applications will be used in a wide array of areas. For instance, new methods developed by the startup company Incubit, a new exhibitor at COMPUTEX this year, uses AI to structuralize data of electronic medical records to provide more precise diagnosis, enhancing the quality of healthcare services.

"In response to the latest ICT developments, COMPUTEX 2018 includes AI in one of the six themes this year,” said TAITRA President & CEO, Mr. Walter Yeh. “Under the theme 'Ubiquitous Intelligence', COMPUTEX Forum will invite 15 speakers from IBM, Intel, NVIDIA and other technology giants to talk about the industry’s latest development."

AI is currently seeping into industries around the world, from public utility, transportation, healthcare to manufacturing. Through online/offline integration, and the establishment of an open platform and new ecosystem, we will see more practical applications and solutions achieve breakthrough innovations. At this year’s COMPUTEX, local and international exhibitors specializing in areas including AI, big data, security & surveillance, smart healthcare and smart technology will showcase their pioneering solutions, demonstrating the diversity and growing momentum of artificial intelligence and opportunities yet to be tapped.

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